6 Week Postpartum Update

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I’ve decided that on top of my regular blog posts I’m going to start to document my postpartum journey with my newborn. I will be discussing my day to day, milestones, as well as anything exciting or not so exciting that happened throughout the week. 


My birth story is pretty unique. I was in active labor for about two hours and pushed my baby out in 30 minutes. You can find the blog post about my birth here. 

I have two beautiful baby girls. My firstborn will be turning two in two weeks, and tomorrow my second baby will be 7 weeks old. When people tell you to enjoy each and every moment, listen to them. It truly goes by so fast. Before you know it your baby is a toddler and the days of dependence turn into independent development overnight. 

I feel that I pride myself on cherishing every day with my kids and try my best to live in the moment. 

This week

This week was more difficult than most. 

Traditionally 6 weeks marks a growth spurt for newborns. Cluster feeding, restless nights and what seemed like never-ending crying made it difficult for me to stay patient. Some nights I had to go to bed early because she wouldn’t relax without nursing, other days I was lucky to get three meals and a shower in. 

Right now, I’m unable to give 100%. I feel that I’m able to give 25%, but if 25% is my 100% am I not doing the best that I can? I have to try to remember that. 

On the positive side of things, my baby is consistently gaining weight for the first time since birth. She is still staying in the 1st percentile for growth but as I’ve been kindly reminded by many other moms, someone has to be the 1%

I think I’m seeing the start of a wake-window pattern and I’m able to tell the difference between her cries for hunger, discomfort and overtiredness. 

I’ve been able to go from supplementing 8 ounces of donor milk every day to about 1 or two ounces. I’m so excited to possibly be able to exclusively breastfeed my child, something I was never lucky enough to be able to do with my first child. 

Her social smile is coming out more often. She really prefers me and only me. The longest I’ve been away from her so far has been two hours. I spend most days babywearing in order to get just about anything done. (As I sit here typing this she’s snoozing away in her baby carrier). I love that she feels safe with me. Even if it means I may not be able to take care of myself as much as I used to. I know one day that will change.

My toddler has become extremely independent. I’m so proud of her confidence and perseverance. She is starting to show her empathy in the same way I know we as parents strive to show her. She also pushes every boundary we set for her, and it can be frustrating sometimes but I have to remind myself that it’s her job to make sure our boundaries are firm. She is a big ball of energy from sunrise to sunset. 

I can’t wait to watch these kiddos grow.

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