Tips On Traveling With A Toddler – Blogmas Day 8

Happy Blogmas Day 8

I know this post is not Christmas related but, Christmas is also a time where everyone travels to see family. If his happens to be your first time flying with a toddler, then this article is for you.

Recently, we had our first trip to the West Coast with our 18 month old. It was our first time traveling with him on an airplane and it was eventful to say the least.  I was able to put together a few things that I picked up on during our travel across the state, so I thought I. would compile it in this post.

1. BOOK A SEAT FOR YOUR CHILD:  I honestly, couldn’t stress this enough, the worst decision we made was to not book an extra seat for our son. Luckily, on one of the shorter flights, we had extra seats so we were able to get a row to ourselves but the rest of the journey was terrible. We were stuck in the middle of the strangers with an incredibly cranky toddler. So just save yourself the hassle and save for an extra seat, it is so much easier that way.

2. BRING A CAR SEAT: One thing I learnt was that you can bring an infant or toddler car seat on to the aircraft. I personally think that this would have made my journey so much easier, Isaiah is usually a lot happier in his car seat and if I had brought it with me, he most likely would’ve been a lot happier. Also, if you decide to bring a car seat, always remember to follow the correct rules and regulations.

3: SNACKS, SNACKS AND MORE SNACKS: This advice is quite self explanatory, everything is always better with snacks. When traveling the perfect distraction is SNACKS! Before you leave, you can add whatever snacks you need, I’d advise to take dry snacks, pack them into ziplock bags so they are easy to take out.

to continue to finding more of these tips click here to read the full article on Moms Beyond. 

I hope these tips are a huge help to you, I am traveling this month again and I will be sure to follow these steps. I wish all of you traveling this holiday season to have a safe journey!

See you guys tomorrow and happy traveling!

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