5 Favorite Christmas Books – Blogmas Day 7

Top 5 Favorite Christmas Books



I love books in general but there is something special about Christmas books.  I hate the fact I don’t read as much as I used too, I refuse to let that get to me though, now that I have a child I have started to enjoy reading just as much.

As time progresses, television has taken over and people prefer to watch movies over reading a book, I am guilty of that too, but there is nothing better than getting a book to read with your family or by yourself.


There are a lot of books that I can list but I would be here for hours so I am going to narrow it down to five books! It took me an awful long time to make a decision about which book is going to be making this list.


Top 5 Christmas Books:

  1. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King – So many people have seen the Nutcracker ballet and also Disney had come out with its own version but nothing beats the original story about a young girl and her Nutcracker who goes into battle with an army of mice that is led by the Mouse King. If you haven’t read it, make sure you do it this Christmas.
  2. A Visit from St Nicholas  –  There are many different names for this book as time has gone on by I only know it by this name. A Vist from St Nicholas was first read to me by my elementary school teacher, it has ever since been one of my favorite books. Its about a Father who happens to wake up to St Nicholas and his reindeers and witnesses what happens on Christmas Eve whilst the rest of the world sleeps. This would be a great book to read together with your family
  3. The Christmasaurus –  This may be a little biased and Im probably cheating because firstly, it is written by Tom Fletcher who just happens to be the person I was obsessed with growing up and I haven’t read the book BUT I have seen countless reviews and its on my wishlist this year for Christmas so hopefully I’ll get to read it. This book is about a boy called William Trundle and the Christmasaurus who is a dinosaur. They meet on Christmas Eve and have magical Christmas adventure. I honestly recommend you read it, it just came out in the states and it has a dinosaur in it , I LOVE dinosaurs and the fact they can be added into a Christmas book.. WOW!
  4. Christmas Day in the Morning – I really love this book because of the meaning behind it. It is a perfect book to read as a family. Its beautifully written and a wonderful message about love and selflessness is conveyed.
  5. The Polar Express – The Polar express is such a beautiful Christmas Classic. It is about a boy who wakes up to a sound of a train on Christmas Eve. This young boy boards the train and begins his journey to the north pole… you will have to read the book to find out what happens when he gets there. Also, this is another book that children LOVE!


I hope you learnt something new from this list of books. Christmas is perfect for family time, its also a time to work on relationships and make time to bond with one another. I can almost guarantee, getting together to read something you all enjoy is a beautiful way to give each other your time.


I’ll be back tomorrow with another post..


Happy reading!



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