6 Ways to Give Back at Christmas – Blogmas Day 4

How do we give back during the holiday season?



As much as we like to enjoy the Christmas festivities and immerse ourselves fully into the holiday spirit. Christmas is the for giving, this time of year is when I feel the most grateful for what I have.

I have all my senses, my family, a roof over my head, home cooked meals and most of all, love. There are many out there that aren’t as fortunate and those who struggle during this time of year to make ends meet.

Reflecting on the past year and just counting all the good that has happened to us just makes this time of year that much better. I have made a list of ways we can give back to others, this is something you can do on your own or as a family. It’s a great way. to instill these traditions at a young age.




           1. Visit a Local Nursing Home – You’ll always make someones day when visiting a nursing home. Those staying at nursing homes don’t always have family or friends that visit often or at all. So, stopping by, bringing cookies and just having a conversation with the residents is great way to give back.



2.     Donate Toys – Donating toys is something you can do with your child/children. You can explain what the reason behind donating and pick out toys to donate for children who are not as fortunate.





         3. Surprise Pay – This is something I am yet to do but I am going to make sure I do it this month. Surprise someone by paying for them, wether it is the person behind you in a drive thru or anyone standing in line behind you. Its little acts of kindness like that, that start a domino effect with others.





         4. Volunteer – Giving your time up to help others is something a lot of people do over Christmas, it makes us grateful for what we have and also gives us a sense of fulfillment by helping others.





        5. Be Kind – Sometimes, its all about the way we treat one another. Simply just being kind, complimenting someone or just something as small a smile is also an act of giving.




        6. Thanking Local Emergency Services – This is something my elementary school did when I was younger. We sent out thank you card to the local emergency services for the year round service they provided us and always being there when we need them the most.





Selflessness is what this season is all about, what acts of giving are you going to do this year?



I’ll be back with another post tomorrow…


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