BLOGMAS DAY ONE – Introducing Blogmas

Guess who is participating in Blogmas Day 1? ME? Yes, thats right me.

I really wanted to do participate in Blogmas last year but I was just starting out and it was a little too much! My husband calls me a Christmas head because I’m just too obsessed with everything about it, so it is only right that I join in on the Blogmas tradition. Even though, there are so many deadlines to meet this year, I want to challenge myself to put a post up every single day up until the 25th December.

But wait...

I am not going to put too much pressure on myself, so I may miss a day or two or three, you get the jist.. but I am going to try my best to complete as many days as I can, if I can do 25 then GREAT! My posts are going to be informal, because I want it to be as personal as possible and I want to share as much as I can in whatever way I like to express it.

What is Blogmas? 

Blogmas or otherwise known as Vlogmas is usually a countdown to Christmas, it is where Bloggers or Vloggers upload content related to Christmas every day. This is usually more popular in video form but as I am not a Vlogger,  I decided to upload a post every day on my Blog, again, I will try to do it everyday but I won’t promise anything.

So, this post is to kick off Blogmas by introducing what it is, if you want to try it, please jump on board.. its not too late. Also, message me with things you would like to see here in the month of December. That is all for now, I know this post was rather short but I’ll be back with more informative posts for you tomorrow.

Happy Blogmas, let the countdown begin….

See you guys tomorrow!

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