Kidlo App Review – Children’s Educational App

Firstly, i would like to thank Kidlo for introducing this educational app to me. This was given to me in exchange for my honest opinion.


The Kidlo app creates games and apps which provide educational content in a fun and interactive way. Kidlo’s educational games, songs, stories and activities are based on the curriculum allowed and recommended by experts and teachers worldwide. The Kidlo apps play a role in developing your child’s cognitive skills, hand-eye co-ordination, problem solving skills, memory and creativity.



Isaiah has enjoyed the Kidlo App a lot, he has taken interest in the songs and the different animals in each of their songs. Although he is only 10 months old he is not able to do some of the activities but I love that he is able to watch videos that are educational and fun and I know he will be able to grow with it.

Isaiah would play the same nursery rhymes over and over again but thanks to the Kidlo App he has finally taken interest in something else because I was literally singing those rhymes in my sleep. We all know somehow our children have figured out technology before they were born so having it on my phone is so convenient. MORE QUITE ROAD TRIPS FOR ME!

I highly recommend this app for children of all ages, the amount of activities for different age groups are endless and can be repeated more than once. It is a great way to learn and have fun whilst they are doing it.

You can download the App by clicking the link below:

iOS: English Learning For Kids

You can find out more information on the Kidlo website

I hope your little ones have just as much fun as mine did.



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