4 Ways To Help Your Baby Sleep Better

Remember, when they told you you’ll feel less like a zombie after a few months of your baby being born? Still feeling like one? I was in the same boat. 
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I swear, if i had a dollar for every time someone told me i’d start getting more sleep after Isaiah turns 3 months old i’d be RICH AS HECK! I was literally counting down to the time where i would be able to get at least six hours of undisturbed sleep but it didn’t happen, not at 3 month not even at 6 months. At 7 months old Isaiah was still waking up during the night, he wasn’t wet, he wasn’t hungry but he just was not able to fall asleep on his own. I had to always rock or pat him back to sleep and even then it would only work 60% of the time. I tried a lot of things that other moms and pediatricians had recommenced , some worked and some didn’t.

Here are the five things that helped me help my baby sleep a little better:

  1. Routine –  Setting a bedtime  routine that you follow every night  is vital. You will need to set a time you will put your baby to bed, usually no long than 8:30 or you will have an over tired baby and nobody wants an overtired baby.
  2. A Warm Bath – Adding a warm bath into a bedtime routine everyday was the best thing i had ever done! I use the Aveeno Calming Comfort Bath. Its relaxing and it definitely helped him sleep better. I started this with Isaiah when he was 4 months old.
  3. Baby Massage – I know this may sound odd to some of you but i have grown up seeing people giving their baby leg massages or gently pressing on the palm of their baby’s foot. I didn’t know how i felt about it at first but it definitely helped with his restlessness.
  4. White Noise Machine – The Sound Machine has got to be my favorite on the list, if used properly this can really help with your child staying asleep for a longer period of time. The first night i used this machine Isaiah slept 13 hours!

I hope some of these things help you, let me know if they do!

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