Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat Review

img_1590-2I have been meaning to review the Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat for the longest time but I have finally got around to doing it. Before I continue I just want to state that I am not sponsored by Fisher Price neither was the product given to me for my opinion.

I got the Sit Me Up Floor Seat for Isaiah when he had just turned 3 months, Isaiah hated laying flat and was always curious to know what was going on around him. He wasn’t a big fan of the seat at the beginning but he grew to enjoy it the elder he got. I love the way the Sit Me Up Seat is made, it is great for head control and for assisted sitting, Isaiah absolutely hated tummy time, he would scream endlessly until we picked him up so this seat helped with him being able to learn head control (I would not use this seat as a substitute for tummy time, it is still important for your child to have tummy time)


Isaiah has recently turned 8 months old, so we don’t use the seat as much anymore as he is a lot more mobile but it is still great to use if I need him in one place where he isn’t going to move the second I look elsewhere.

I would definitely recommend this seat to any parent that is thinking to buy this product. Head on over to my Instagram CLICK HERE to enter my giveaway for a Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat.



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